Brindley Brainteaser

Brindley Brainteaser - April 2019.

Have a go and submit your solution to your Maths teacher.

Entries by April 12th.

Three correct, randomly chosen solutions will win a  Pilot Frixion pen. Wow!

Brindley Brainteaser:

Frida’s car is low on petrol. Her warning light indicates she has 10% left in her 45 litre tank.

She stops the car, fills the tank with the remainder of her petrol can from the boot and drives 25 miles to the Shell garage where she fills her tank to the top.

Frida spent £49.92 on the petrol. Her car does 10 miles to the litre and the petrol cost £1.28 per litre.

How much fuel was in Frida’s can?