At Newbridge, the curriculum is directed by the pupils' home schools, who provide work to be completed.  Teachers guide and support the pupils to continue on their educational pathways, so that disruption to a pupil's progress is minimised during their inpatient stay. The curriculum is adapted to reflect the need the pupils of varying ages.


For those pupils where James Brindley School is their only school (mainly those wishing to pursue further education at KS5), we offer a range of purposeful learning opportunities that are accredited.


Key Stage 3 (KS3)

At KS3 pupils follow the core subjects whilst enjoying a broad and balanced curriculum. Alongside this, pupils also have specific timetabled time when, with support from staff, they can access and complete work from their home school.


Key Stage 4 and 5 (KS4 and KS5)

At KS4 and 5, pupils have a very specific focus on their home school or college work. Specialist teachers are able to support the majority of GCSE subjects in collaboration with the home schools. Post 16 pupils have an identified teacher throughout the school day to support and facilitate their independent study and ensure access to resources and specialist guidance where needed.



All pupils are able to access music lessons and groups; have a developing programme of educational visits and experiences (dependent on risk assessment and health) and regularly run special events including the Christmas celebration, the craft fair and other activities supporting charity work of the pupils’ choice.