Sessional Teaching

For those looking to work flexible hours there are opportunities within James Brindley Short Term Provision. Sessional teaching is ideal for those who work part-time or have other commitments. It is a great opportunity to be part of a team delivering a bespoke curriculum to those who are unable to access mainstream education.

Teaching often takes place on a 1:1 basis in pupils' homes, but can also be delivered at James Brindley teaching centres as well as in community venues. This allows James Brindley to meet the educational needs of pupils who require teaching on a short-term basis due to medical needs preventing them from attending school.


What is the hourly rate of pay? 

Hourly pay for sessional teachers is based on the Teachers Pay Scale, ranging from M1 (£20.27) to UPS 3 (£33.68).


When would I get paid? 

The pay date is 28th of the month, or the Friday before if this falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday.


Would I get paid if the pupil is too unwell to be taught on that day? 

Teachers will only be paid for cancelled lessons where they have not been notified by 3.00pm the day before the planned lesson.

Teachers will be paid if:

  • Pupil/ Parent cancels lesson on arrival;
  • Pupil/ Parent (known adult) is not present upon arrival;
  • Pupil refuses to engage and therefore no teaching takes place.

How many hours would I be offered? 

Due to the wide ranging needs, ages and subjects required by pupils, there is currently no set number of guaranteed hours. Sessional staff provide our Short Term Provision Co-ordinator with their availability who will then match up pupils with teachers with appropriate knowledge and skills.


Does James Brindley contribute to teacher’s pension scheme? 

You will have the opportunity to continue paying into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.


Would I get PPA time?  

The acknowledgement that sessional staff will have to spend time preparing and planning for lessons is reflected in the hourly pay rate.


Would I get travel expenses?  

  • Travel claims can be made for all journeys except for those that are to and from a teacher’s home address.
  • Mileage claims should be calculated for the most direct route, deviation from this will be at the expense of the claimant.  Exceptions to this only if a strong business case is accepted.
  • Teachers using their own transport to travel between lessons must provide proof of valid business insurance.

What resources would I have access to? 

  • Stationary Resources are available.  You will be able to order specific stationery as and when you need it.
  • Teaching Resources are available to borrow from different sites of the school and you may be able to order specific resources from the Short Term Provision budget upon special request.